September 23-26, 2021

Grab a friend and prepare yourself for the 7th Annual Great Williamsburg Adventure Race! Teams will race throughout the city, completing unique challenges, decoding puzzles, and solving riddles, in a quest for fabulous prizes and ultimate glory.

The 2021 race is now complete!
Check out the Puzzle Answer Reveal Video
and the Closing Awards Ceremony Video

The event requires a ticket for all participants and all teams must register in advance. The cost is $20 per team. Teams consisting of two current W&M students can race for free, courtesy of the City of Williamsburg.



Given COVID-19, the event is returning to the new multi-day race established in 2020. Here’s the deal:

The race will not be timed! The 2021 race will take place on your own schedule over the course of four days, September 23-26. The team with the highest score from completing challenges and puzzles will be declared the winner! In the result of multiple perfect scores, a raffle drawing between the tied teams will determine the winners of the race.

The course has been expanded! As teams now have more time to complete the race, the race course is bigger than ever, expanding through the entirety of the City of Williamsburg! Teams will need to bike, drive, or use public transportation to cover all the ground on the 2021 course.

Smaller teams! In addition to other COVID-19 safety considerations, teams are limited to two players.

For more details on changes made for the 2020 race, check out the official event rules (last updated 8.30).


Teams will have four days to complete their race: September 23-26. All teams will need to send at least one player to pick up your team materials at the event check-in on Thursday, September 23 between 4:00-7:00 PM at the Williamsburg Community Building (401 N. Boundary Street) or Friday, September 24 between 2:00-5:00 PM (101 Ukrop Way). All players will also need to submit an Event Waiver at check-in prior to participating in the event.

All final race materials will be submitted virtually for final scoring by 7:00 PM on Sunday, September 26. The winners of the race will be announced online in a virtual Award Ceremony the week following the race.


Registration is now available via Eventbrite. When registering, players book tickets for a complete team (2 people). Teams consisting of two current W&M students are free, and tickets for teams that include at least one non-student cost $20. For more details on ticketing and prices, check out the FAQs below.



How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets are sold through Eventbrite at this link. Tickets are free for W&M student teams and cost $20 for non-student teams.

How do I register a team with both a W&M student and a non-student?

Only teams comprised of two current W&M students qualify as “student teams” for free registration. Any team with a non-student player will need to purchase a team registration to participate.

I am a W&M faculty or staff member. Can I get a free ticket?

No. Only students currently enrolled at W&M are eligible for a free ticket.

What is the inclement weather policy?

The race will take place rain or shine. If extreme weather renders the event unsafe for participants (including heavy storms or thunder and lightning) individual challenge stations may be temporarily closed during the race weekend. Any announcements related to weather closures will be made via email and social media posts.


Is the event family friendly? Who can participate?

The event is family friendly, and anyone may participate. All participants are required to register as members of a team. Teams consist of two people.

Do I need to be in shape to participate?

No. The Adventure Race is designed for all ages and ability levels. You can decide how fast or slow you go from challenge to challenge, and have four days to complete all race tasks. The amount of time taken to complete the race will not impact any team’s chances of winning.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Teams will be going in and out of businesses and many do not allow dogs inside so please leave pets at home.


Do I need to pick up a race packet to start the event?

Yes! At least one member of your team will need to pick up a race packet at check-in on Thursday, September 23 or Friday, September 24 to participate. Details are above (on this webpage). This packet will contain all materials needed to complete your race. Teams will need to submit a signed Event Waiver for each player to receive race materials.

Do I need a smartphone or computer to compete?

Yes! Your final race materials will be submitted virtually via an online form.  Smartphones are allowed on the course and will prove helpful navigating to various locations throughout the City.


How do teams win or earn points?

Points are earned based on the number of challenges completed and puzzles answered correctly. In the event of a tie, all teams who are tied for the high score will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize.

What kinds of challenges are in the race?

The race includes Challenge Stations and puzzles. The Challenge Stations feature unique activities one or more of the team members will need to complete to earn points. Puzzle challenges are provided at the start of the race, and puzzle answers should be submitted with final materials upon completion of the race.

When are all the challenges available over the four days of the race?

Each Challenge Station will feature its own hours, often the same operating hours as the business or organization hosting the related activity. All hours of availability for all Challenge Stations will be included with race materials in the team packet during check-in.

What should I bring to the race?

Teams are encouraged to bring signed, physical copies of the Event Waiver for both team members to expedite the check-in process. Everyone is encouraged to bring water and snacks to keep players going strong during the event.

What should I wear to the race?

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes. Some challenges may have participants completing physical tasks, navigating obstacles, or moving around. Wear clothes that you can comfortably be active in.

Do I need to wear a race bib?

Yes. Your race bib is your ticket to enter the race and participate in challenges. Race bibs will be distributed at check-in.

Where does the race take place?

The race takes place throughout the entirety of the City of Williamsburg.

Where are the starting and finish lines?

There are no in-person starting and finish lines this year. Teams will start their race by picking up a packet on September 23 or 24 during race check-in. Teams will cross the finish line virtually when submitting all race materials via on online form anytime prior to the race-end deadline of 7:00 PM on September 26.

What prizes are awarded to the winners?

All teams that obtain a perfect score – completing all challenges and answering all puzzles correctly – will be placed in a raffle for prizes to be announced in the race’s virtual Award Ceremony. If no teams secure a perfect score, the grand prize will be awarded to the team that scores the most points during the race. Any ties will be broken through raffle drawings amongst the tied teams.


Where can I contact the organizer with any additional questions?

Feel free to get in touch with the organizers via email. The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race is produced by AVAdventure Productions.