AVAdventure Productions
Work Samples for Thriving Cities Group

The Team

Adam Stackhouse & Liz Sykes – Project Management, Video Production, Post-production (portfolio)
Randall Taylor – Video Production, Drone Videography, Still Photography (portfolio)
Alex Fulton – Graphic Design, Web Design (portfolio)
Cheyenne Varner – Graphic Illustration (portfolio)

Selected Work Samples – Videography

KaBOOM – Documentary Short, Chickahominy Community

KaBOOM! – B-roll Reel, Grove Community

KaBOOM! is a national non-profit organization dedicated to bringing balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those living in poverty.

Williamsburg Health Foundation

Each year, the Williamsburg Health Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions to access to and awareness of healthful lifestyles in the community. These videos tell the awardees’ stories – highlighting their impact through personal stories of healthy living from community members. Past subjects have included medical training programs, active lifestyle initiatives, crisis intervention, and – in this recent sample – community wellness at the College of William & Mary.


Selected Work Samples – Web Design

For this project, AVAdventure recommends the creation of a custom-designed standalone WordPress or Squarespace website to host the digital presentation of the proposed playbook.

Sample websites created by our team to showcase media include:

RVA Creates A to Z

W&M Global Film Festival


Modern Richmond Book

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