AVAdventure Productions
Video Samples for City of Danville Proposal # 20-21-057
Video Production – Danville Regional Airport

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Virginia Community Voice
Richmond, Virginia

This video was created to introduce RVA Thrives, a community leadership program led by Virginia Community Voice, supporting neighbors along the Jefferson Davis Corridor in Richmond, Virginia. The focus was on describing the core aspects of the program while introducing key members of the community.

Monticello Teacher Institute
Charlottesville, Virginia

This video was created to promote the Monticello Teacher Institute program, including interviews with past program participants.

Williamsburg Health Foundation
Williamsburg, Virginia

Each year, the Williamsburg Health Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions to access to and awareness of healthful lifestyles in the community. This video tells the awardees’ stories – highlighting their impact through personal stories of healthy living from community members.