Sunday, September 17, 2017 – 3:00 PM
Registration is now open!

Grab a team of friends and prepare yourself for the 2017 Great Williamsburg Adventure Race!

Teams of two to four members will race throughout the city, decoding puzzles, solving riddles, and completing unique challenges in a quest for fabulous prizes and ultimate glory. In this third year of the race you will need even more strategy and teamwork than ever to come out on top!

This is a ticketed event and registration is limited. Current William & Mary students may race for free, courtesy of the City of Williamsburg. Non-students may purchase tickets. Both students and non-students need to register for tickets via this link. More information on ticketing for the 2017 event is listed below.


The race will start at the Williamsburg Community Building, located at 401 N. Boundary Street.

The race takes place on Sunday, September 17, with key events at the following times:

• 1:30 PM – Check-in opens, pick up of team race materials
• 2:40 PM – Pre-race briefing, final reminders on rules
• 3:00 PM – Race start for all teams
• 6:00 PM – Race end (teams may finish before 6:00 PM)

Teams must return to the starting location with their final materials no later than 6:00 PM to be eligible for the grand prize.

The awards ceremony will take place at the Community Building shortly after 6:00 PM. The winning teams and answers to race puzzles will be announced during the ceremony.

Follow the Facebook event page for the latest updates!



Tickets are now available at this link. When registering, players book tickets for a complete team (2, 3, or 4 people). Tickets for current W&M students are free, and tickets for non-students cost $20 (through September 13). For more details on ticketing and prices, check out the FAQs below.


The complete rules for the race can be viewed as a PDF here (updated 7/27/17).

Each player must sign an event waiver to participate. Waivers for all team members must be provided at check-in in order to receive team race materials. The waiver is available as a PDF here.

Please note the following changes for the 2017 race:

  • Teams consist of two to four members.

  • Participants of all ages may register as part of a team. Children not participating in the race may not accompany a race team.

  • There are no “race zones” or multiple check-in stations as in past years – teams will be allowed to take on any challenges in any order, checking in with event staff only at the completion of their race.


These FAQs are available as a PDF here (updated 7/27/17).


How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets are sold through Eventbrite and can be purchased through this link. Tickets are free for W&M students and cost $20 for non-students. You can get 25% off your tickets using code EARLYBIRD17 if you buy before August 14. Late registration starts on Sept. 14 and costs $30.

How do I register a team with both W&M students and non-students?

We have codes that will discount your tickets if your team includes a W&M student. Choose the ticket pack that fits your team, Team of 4, for example, and enter code 1WMStudent, 2WMStudents, 3WMStudents to discount your order according to the number of students on your team. Please note that anyone with a W&M student ticket must show their student ID at check-in to participate.

The race was free last year, why do I have to buy a ticket this year?

This is the third year of The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race. The event has become increasingly popular each year. Ticket sales will help subsidize the cost of supplies – such as race packets and challenge stations supplies. Selling tickets also helps us monitor the number of players to ensure the playing area can safely accommodate everyone.

I am a W&M faculty or staff member. Can I get a free ticket?

No. Only students currently enrolled at W&M are eligible for a free ticket.

What is the inclement weather policy?

The race will take place rain or shine. If extreme weather renders the event unsafe for participants (including heavy storms or thunder and lightening) the race will be canceled and no refunds will be issued. The announcement will be made via email and social media posts.


Is the event family friendly? Who can participate?

The event is family friendly, and anyone may participate. All participants are required to register as members of a team. Teams may range from two to four people. Please note completing the entire race includes lots of travel on foot and puzzles that may be too difficult for younger children. Children not participating in the race may not accompany a race team.

Do I need to be in shape to participate?

No. The Adventure Race is designed for all ages and ability levels. You can decide how fast or slow you go from challenge to challenge. Participants will travel approximately 3 miles on foot over the course of the event. Teams that travel quickly from station to station will be more likely to win the grand prize.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Teams will be going in and out of businesses and many do not allow dogs inside so please leave pets at home.


Do I need to pick-up a race packet or anything?

No. There will be a pre-race briefing at 2:40PM and the race will start promptly at 3:00PM on Sept. 17. Check-in opens at 1:30PM and teams are strongly encouraged to arrive early enough to check-in before the pre-race briefing. Teams must turn in a signed Event Waiver (PDF) prior to checking in and receiving race materials. Check-in and the pre-race briefing will take place at the Community Building at 401 N Boundary Street.

Do I need a smartphone to compete?

No, though smartphones are allowed on the race, and may prove helpful in navigating the city and solving puzzles.


Where do I park?

There is no designated parking lot for the race. There is street parking in downtown Williamsburg (be sure to check if there is a time limit). There is also a parking garage at 230 N Henry Street that costs $1/hour.

How do teams win or earn points?

Points are earned based on the number of challenges completed and puzzles answered correctly. In the event of a tie, the teams’ race completion times will serve as a tiebreaker. Points will only be awarded for materials that are turned in by 6:00 PM.

I did The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race before. How will this year be different?

This year the race course will not be divided into zones. Additionally, this year’s race will offer a greater focus on the interactive challenge stations.

What kinds of challenges are in the race?

The race includes challenge stations and puzzles. The challenge stations feature unique activities one or more of the team members will need to complete to earn points. Puzzle challenges are provided at the start of the race, and puzzle answers should be submitted with final materials upon completion of the race.

What should I bring to the race?

Teams are encouraged to bring signed, physical copies of the Event Waiver (PDF) for every team member to expedite the check-in process. You may use smartphones during the event; however, smartphones will not be critical or provide a significant advantage to completing the race for those familiar with the Williamsburg area. Everyone is encouraged to bring water and snacks to keep players going strong during the event.

What should I wear to the race?

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be traveling on foot completing challenges and solving puzzles. Some challenges may have participants completing physical tasks, navigating obstacles, or moving around. Wear clothes that you can comfortably be active in.

Do I need to wear a race bib?

Yes. Your race bib is your ticket to enter the race and participate in challenges. Race bibs will be distributed at check-in on race day.

What prizes are awarded to the winners?

The top three teams will receive trophies during the award ceremony. The first place team will also receive a prize pack full of merchandise and exclusive giveaways from race sponsors.


Where can I contact the organizer with any additional questions?

Feel free to get in touch with the organizers via email. The Great Williamsburg Adventure Race is produced by AVAdventure Productions.